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Architectural heritage

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The Collegiate Church Saint Thiébaut

Together with Strasbourg Cathedral, the Collegiate Church, is one of the most typical Gothic buildings representing architecture from the Rhine area. It owes its name to the Canonical College of Saint-Amarin founded in 1442. It took more than two centuries to build from the end of the 13th to the 15th century. Remy Faesch, the last architect in charge of the Collegial, realized the North aisle between 1430 and 1492 and the octagonal part and the spire (78 m – 255 feet) which were completed in 1516.

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The Engelbourg castle

It was towards 1224 that Count Frederic II of Pfirt had the Engelbourg castle built on a prominent headland at the opening of the Thur Valley so that he could operate a toll.

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The Bangard's cabin

The vineyard represented an important source of income for the people of Thann. In the 15th century they decided to elect wardens to watch over the vines and the fields on their land.

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The Museum of the Friends of Thann

The Museum of the Friends of Thann is a museum dedicated to local history and popular tradition and it is run by the historical society « The Friends of Thann ».

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