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The Engelbourg castle

It was towards 1224 that Count Frederic II of Pfirt had the Engelbourg castle built on a prominent headland at the opening of the Thur Valley so that he could operate a toll.

The first mention of the castle dates back to 1234 when King Henri VII gave the possessions he had seized from Louis II (the Wild) of Bavaria (who had killed his father Frederic I) to the bishop of Basel. In 1251 the bishop gave the castle back as a fief to Ulrich II of Pfirt. It was to become his descendants' favourite residence.

In 1324 following the wedding of Jeanne of Pfirt and Albert II, the Duke of Austria, the castle (which was a major piece of the Anterior Austria's defence) became home to a Major or a bailiff.

Offered as security several times, in particular to Charles the Bold who left the place in the hands of Pierre of Hagenbach (1470), his sinister bailiff, the Engelbourg had to be restored several times.

The Thirty Years' war proved fatal to the castle . The castle (like the town) was occupied by seven different occupying forces between 1633 and 1639 and in 1658 it was in a pitiful state when it fell into Cardinal Mazarin's hands.

With the Peace of Westphalia, the border was pushed from the Vosges to the Rhine and the cas tle lost all strategic interest; thus in February 1673 Louis XIV gave orders to demolish the Engelbourg Castle.

This task was left to the executor Poncet de la Rivière and it was carried out by miners from Giromagny. It took three attempts before the huge tower was toppled and broke into several parts; one of them fell in such a way that it's now known as the « Witch's Eye ».

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