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Geography and climate

The climate varies according to altitude and exposition. It can also change from one side of the bank of the river Thur to the other.

On the river Thur's left bank , in low-lying areas, there is a semi-continental climate, that is to say a sunny, warm and dry climate. As you climb up, this Alsatian Piedmont climate changes to a Vosges climate tempered by the plain side location sheltered from the North wind. Finally, on the extreme crests of the Kattenbach there is always a harsher Vosges climate.

On the river Thur's right bank , the climate is altogether colder and wetter irrespective of the altitude; snow coverage is heavier there and it lingers longer than on the opposite bank. This is due on the one hand to its North-Eastern exposure with the prevailing North wind, and on the other hand to extra rainfall coming in from the Belfort Gap along the Vosges Piedmont.


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